1Today, with the strong push to roll out 4G LTE, large numbers of BTS enclosure deployments are taking place throughout the wireless industry. BTS equipment has gotten smaller and more efficient over the years. Maxbros is positioned to assist these deployments with a line of rugged and compact enclosures for today’s dynamic BTS needs. Various thermal options are available to ensure your equipment is protected and your site is reliable.

  • BTS enclosures are space-efficient outdoor enclosures integrated
    with power, climate and all necessary telecom infrastructure.
  • They are adapted to house one or more indoor BTSs for
    GSM/UMTS/CDMA/WCDMA — from any BTS equipment vendor.

Main Advantage and Benefits:
Integration of indoor BTSs into Maxbros BTS Enclosure eliminates
the need of specific outdoor BTSs.

  • Allows co-location of different types of BTS:s regardless of equipment vendor or network types.
  • Increased site capacity with up to 50% – when using the same footprint as proprietary outdoor enclosures from BTS equipment vendors.

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